8th Würzburg Workshop on IP:
Joint EuroNF, ITC and ITG Workshop on
"Visions of Future Generation Networks"

July 21st - July 22nd 2008
Würzburg, Germany

The workshop's tradition and intention is to foster the communication among researchers from industry, universities, and other research institutes. TTo that end, keynote speeches by outstanding personalities and technical talks about current research will be presented and room for poster presentations will be offered.

The workshop series originated in 2000 and is supported since then by the German Information Technology Society. Since 2006, the workshop series focuses on "Visions of Future Generation Networks" and is called EuroView which is financially sponsored by the Network of Excellence EuroNF (within European Union Framework Programme 7). This year's event is in addition technically and financially co-sponsored by the International Teletraffic Congress (ITC).