Focus: Future Internet Design and Experimental Facilities

The focus of this year's workshop is on current efforts towards a future Internet. This comprises overviews of selected IETF working groups as well as current and future national and international collaborative projects. We would like to stimulate discussions on future Internet applications, future wireline and wireless Internet architectures, and experimental facilities.

The following invited sessions are confirmed

  • Future Internet Activities in FP7
  • The Future Wireless Internet
  • Future Internet Projects
  • 100GET: Towards 100 Gigabit Ethernet
  • German Activities in IETF

Several international experts from Korea, Japan, and USA have acknowledged to present their visions of the future Internet at the workshop.

We seek for further technical presentations addressing research issues for the future wireline and wireless Internet. They should communicate identified research issues, early insights, and they should strive to foster discussions among participants.